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Turnabout is fair play.

In the Diskworld books by Terry Pratchett, Sam Vimes has a line: “Sybil is re-grouting the bathroom, learning Ancient Klatchian and doing all those other little last minute things women always do.” He and his wife are about to head out on a trip, and the pre-departure chores are coming to a climax. This is one of the old standby squabbles in my marriage, as in many others, I infer.

Well, today opportunity knocked, and I got to turn it around. We’ve been talking about culling kitchen implements for literally weeks, and this afternoon we’ll be leaving for the Lakeland gun show. I suggested that we do the kitchen cull, and C looked at me as though I’d grown another head. Then I said in my best kinderdarten voice, “My turn! My turn!” and she giggled.

We culled the implements. Now our countertop urn has room for all the remaining spatulae, and there’s even room in the primary drawer to see all the stuff. Next week? The Drawer Of Seldom Used Objects, as a warmup to taking on the Cupboard Of Nightmares. Yes, these are workaday terms all three of us use about our kitchen.

It’s the little things. 


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